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#377037 - Wed Dec 12 2012 12:49 AM Re: User Names [Re: texaspelican]
Dick Bennett Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Wed Oct 25 2000
Loc: Santa Paula, Calif
OMG, The Bird they eat for Thanksgiving! Best way is Deep Fried OUTSIDE [Doesn't smell up the House] & wrapped in Floral Shirts.

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#378335 - Sun Dec 16 2012 08:29 PM Re: User Names [Re: Dick Bennett]
Veteran Member

Registered: Tue Aug 15 2006
Loc: smyrna, de USA
Quite a few times i thought about changing my screen name to my real name of charles schilling. I get questions and offers via PM based solely on my screen name, so ive kept it. Afterall 90% of my personal collection is thermometers.

Hope to meet more oldgassers at the shows in 2013!

Edited by thermoman (Sun Dec 16 2012 08:31 PM)
see me at Mason Dixon Gas, Spring Carlisle M114-115, and Hershey C4E-35.

#378805 - Tue Dec 18 2012 01:01 PM Re: User Names [Re: THERMOMAN]
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Sat Feb 03 2007
Loc: Sparta,MI US
My first pump I restored was in Gulf, I liked Gulf when I first got into the hobby, and my sisters and mom all called me Gleny when I was a kid. So I thought Gulfgleny was a catch name.

#378820 - Tue Dec 18 2012 01:45 PM Re: User Names [Re: KZ1000]
full-o-gas Offline
Active Member

Registered: Mon Dec 17 2012
Loc: Andale, Ks
I choose mine because i seem to be getting obsessed by old gas related items, and besides, my wife and kids say i am.
If it gets to offensive to some i have no problem changing.

#378939 - Tue Dec 18 2012 06:45 PM Re: User Names [Re: full-o-gas]
Chevroid Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Tue Aug 25 2009
Loc: suburbs of The Peoples Republi...
Well since Chevron made the house payments for over 30 years I figured what the hay! They treated me well, promoted me and allowed me to retire at 51, so yes, I only buy Chevron or Texaco gas. Besides I only collect Chevron / Calso and Standard Oil of Calif stuff, outside of that one darn "one piece" Gulf globe.....

PS - "full-o-gas" ...KEEP IT! great name! If someone is offended they need to lighten up a bit!

#378940 - Tue Dec 18 2012 06:49 PM Re: User Names [Re: Catauladave]
hotcidr Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Fri Jul 27 2001
Loc: Carpinteria, Ca. USA
our name is Seider and in highschool, many years ago, my daughter got a personal licnese for her car hotcidr. When she got married I took it over and it's been on so many cars I can't count but no longer

#378952 - Tue Dec 18 2012 07:40 PM Re: User Names [Re: hotcidr]
Bob Richards Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Tue Feb 22 2005
Loc: Longview, WA
I've really enjoyed this thread... There are so many user names that when I read it; I've wondered... What does it mean and/or how did they come up that that one?...

Being as boring as I am, I spent a couple days debating what name to use when I first joined.... And still couldn't come up with anything original....

I hope any who haven't posted, will do so....
Looking for Tide Water/ Tide Water-Associated/ Tidewater items

#378957 - Tue Dec 18 2012 08:04 PM Re: User Names [Re: Bob Richards]
coheley5 Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Thu Jun 11 2009
Loc: Georgia
when i played college baseball every body on our team had a nick name given by the coach and because I was a home run hitter they took the first two letters of my last name and added hammer to it so I was COHAMMER
Remember you are only as good as your help
If you don't make any noise no one will hear you!

#378964 - Tue Dec 18 2012 08:46 PM Re: User Names [Re: coheley5]
wocopep Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Sun Jan 02 2011
Loc: Wetumpka,Al.
My grandfather sold Wocopep gas at the woodyard, so I started collecting Wofford oil items very early on. Sorry no catchy story to go with the name.

#378966 - Tue Dec 18 2012 08:52 PM Re: User Names [Re: wocopep]
wwagonman Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Thu Apr 29 2010
Loc: Overland Park, Kansas
My weekend driver is my 1954 Willys 4X4 wagon....


#378974 - Tue Dec 18 2012 09:24 PM Re: User Names [Re: wocopep]
hillsideshortleg Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Sat May 30 2009
Loc: Spokane, Washington
We live on a hill in the foothills of Mt. Spokane. Didnt have much land that was level. Over the years one leg has gotten shorter than the other from worken around this place with the hills and such. We have paid a price for liven on the hill like the cars and truck rollen into trees. Lathes sliding off trucks. Milling machines sliding off forklifts, frames bent from trying to drive with a load on a hill,cars rolling into the shop from the house up above, tractors rolling over the bank, the endless soccor balls rollen down the hill. I may not seem like I have too much smarts but I used to like to read Louis L'amour books and enjoyed reading about the Sacketts and thier hillside farms. Can you imagine my life liven on a hill and not haven nothen with a emergincy brake that works. We have broke a transmition or two. It is pretty easy riden a bicycle down to the bottom thou. Iv been thinken on hooken some winches to some trees on the way up so we dont have to burn up the tires on the car tryen to get up to the house when the road gets iced up so we dont have to walk. The UPS guy cant stand us cause of our road cummin up here. Any way if go up Lincoln road and turn left I believe it's at the guys place on the corner. If you cnat find it let me know and weel have Nick run down there and show you.

#378976 - Tue Dec 18 2012 09:33 PM Re: User Names [Re: hillsideshortleg]
Dick Bennett Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Wed Oct 25 2000
Loc: Santa Paula, Calif
I have a few Extra ROCKS ya can have, you pay Freight Charges. smile

#378988 - Tue Dec 18 2012 10:39 PM Re: User Names [Re: Dick Bennett]
Thunder II Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Fri Jan 20 2006
Loc: On the plains of Colorado
As a child in upstate New York, I was on one of the lakes in the Finger Lakes region, when a summer storm kicked up. My aluminum canoe, soon became the recipient of a gift from Thor himself. Literaly blasted out of the water by a bolt of lightning, I was soon rescued by some people of one of the local Indian Tribes. An ambulance was waiting for me on shore, as they brought me back to the beach, in one of their boats. After a short stay in the hospital, my family and I went to thank them. They honored my family, and made me an Honorary Member of the Seneca Tribe, of the Great Iroqouis nation, and bestowed upon me, the name Distant Thunder...

This name, as I grew older, took on even more significance as I started riding and showing horses. During special events, I/we were introduced with a reading from the book of Job, 39.19 "Hast thou given the horse strength? Hast thou clothed his neck with Thunder?" (Read 39.19-25 for the full intro) My Arab Charger would explode into the show arena, her hooves, producing the sound of Distant Thunder...

That name even carried on into my professional life as an aircraft mechanic on the Northrop Advanced Tactical Bomber Program, know to many as the "Stealth Bomber". Thunder has even been used as a radio call sign.
Thats me and Jeana Yeager... We made great looking couple! (Thats a picture of a picture. Hence the recent date. That was shot in 1988 if I remember correctly)

Upon moving to Colorado, and setting up my little spread out here, both the farm and my road, aquired the name, Thunder. Distant Thunder Farms, on Thunder Road. Even in the Company name, the RT stands for "Rolling Thunder"...
Anything Chevron

I'd rather be flying.....

#378993 - Tue Dec 18 2012 11:03 PM Re: User Names [Re: Thunder II]
59fairlane Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Wed May 18 2005
Loc: Interlaken, NY
I have a 59 Ford Fairlane Convertible aka Sunliner...
Always looking for Ithaca Gun and Lucky Sam soda items!!!

#379157 - Wed Dec 19 2012 06:57 PM Re: User Names [Re: 59fairlane]
TheCog Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Tue Aug 10 2010
Loc: Ohio, USA
Nickname. My name is Cogan and friends all call me Cog or usually theCog. The "o" (oh) is the long sound - definately NOT like the Clint Eastwood movie "Coogan's Bluff." Not like that at all.

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