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#4671 - Mon Mar 21 2005 02:19 PM Re: Inexpensive Visible bowl pump
tom 2 tone Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Sun Dec 29 2002
Loc: so. minnesota usa

you only live once, if you want a pump get a pump. (YA GOTTA HAVE ONE THEY ARE SOOOOO COOOOL TO HAVE AROUND!!!)

rob a bank, sell your car, pimp the wife, get a part time drivin a cab, whatever its going to take.
a visible in the yard is a MUST HAVE!

send a pic when you get it we love looking at pumps!

Please use For Sale forums to sell

Please - NO offers to Buy or Sell in this forum category

Statements such as, "I'm thinking about selling this." are considered an offer to sell.
#4672 - Mon Mar 21 2005 08:09 PM Re: Inexpensive Visible bowl pump
dodogas Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Sat Jan 25 2003
Loc: Kelowna British Columbia Canad...
I find it strange that there in no preference in brand or a certain look. Ie, A Wayne 615, ot a G&B or a Boyle-Dayton.

Sorta like asking about a vintage car from that era, no brand just a 20's car or a 30's car.. Just makes it real hard to make comparisons.

At least 2 pretty complete visibles were offerd in this thread plus The reproductions of which I think there were at least 2 choices.

Most important buy something you like the looks of, the rest is a bit less important.
The downside, most dont stop at 1 pump, but are not complaining either..JMO...

#4673 - Tue Mar 22 2005 11:50 AM Re: Inexpensive Visible bowl pump
Pump Jockie Offline
Active Member

Registered: Tue Mar 01 2005
Tom, I wont go away mad, I know there are a lot of people that are passionate about there hobbies. Thats cool.
I am going to get a pump and I will try and post some pics of it/them when I get it done.

Since I am new to this hobbie, I do not know all of the different brands of pumps. I do like the visible bowl style though. I just dont know the brands of them and there various nuances. I was hoping that I could get that kind of information here.
Personally I would not know a wayne from a boyle or a g&b or an mouse


#4674 - Tue Mar 22 2005 11:49 PM Re: Inexpensive Visible bowl pump
Gas Pump Rob Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Sun Mar 10 2002
Loc: California

[This message has been edited by Gas Pump Rob (edited 03-23-2005).]

#637817 - Fri Nov 20 2015 05:23 PM Here is my Home Made Texaco Visible Pump [Re: Pump Jockie]
Tuckahoe Tom Offline

Registered: Fri Nov 13 2015
Loc: New Jersey
I built a Gilbarco 86 to put outside. Then I could not bring myself to do put it in the rain when I was finished. So I built a home made visible pump out of a brake drum, acetylene tank, a propane tank and some expanded metal to simulate a hale screen. I get compliments all of the time on the creation. I call it yard art. Almost everyone thinks it was a real pump back in the day. I know the serious collectors will laugh, but at least I do not have to worry about it being out in the weather.


#637831 - Fri Nov 20 2015 07:01 PM Re: Inexpensive Visible bowl pump [Re: Pump Jockie]
Savinsam Online   content
Veteran Member

Registered: Wed Dec 20 2006
Loc: northwestern Pa.
Okay, here's what I made out of mostly all scrap materials. PVC drain pipe, cut down aluminum lamp shade, and other non rusting materials. I did buy a plexiglass cylinder. Other parts were some leftovers from other old pumps that I once had. Globe is reproduction. I built two of these, one of which has sat outside for over 10 years. No rust! Get creative & start looking around for stuff that will work.

fake visible.jpg

fake visi.jpg

#637890 - Sat Nov 21 2015 09:37 AM Re: Inexpensive Visible bowl pump [Re: Pump Jockie]
Done4 Online   content
Veteran Member

Registered: Mon May 07 2012
Loc: Michigan, Union Pier
Man, this thread is 10 years old and Dicks comments are still funny!
Have gas all the time

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