The Signboard of Mobil

Coated with the colorful enamel, this signboard of mobil presents before us the patterns of a red flying-horse and a winged-tiger, accompanied with Chinese "" (the store of mobil oil) and English "STANDARD-VACUUM OIL COMPANY OIL COMPANY" . Dunry the year from 1931 to 1935, this kind of signboards were hung carefully by only a small number of mobil oil sellers over their stores in mainland China. The earlier sellers were buried in the vicissitude of time long ago, and the signboard of mobil have almost vanished as well.This piece of mobil signboard protrudent claims itself as the only one in China. The bruise by the cause of the shrapnels in 1936 and the dents from the vacuous hammering tell us the hardship of its survival.

Even with the passage of several decades, the signboard is still as lustrous as the day it was made, and the red flying-horse is also as lifelike. The 21st century is just around the corner. Hope the horse soar high & Bon voyage ------A descendant of one earlier mobil oil seller