The instructions on how to upload your photo into your forum post can be found at this link:
The following message is about how to place your photo in between two paragraphs of your message, rather than at the end of your post.

[Linked Image]

Embedding Attached Images
An example of an embedded image is the image which is currently in the middle of this post. All attached images which are not embedded within a post, will continue to display below the post as they always have been, as either "inlined" or "grouped."

How to embed an attached image:
1/ In the post editor, place your cursor within your text message where you want your photo to be embedded.
2/ open the Attachment Manager.
3/ click on the uploaded attachment's image:
Your attached image will now appear within your post after you click Submit, rather than grouped below your posted text
It will not display in a preview of a new post, but it will display as a placeholder using the words, "Linked Image"


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