Thanks for mentioning Ron Carey. Ron and I worked on at least a hundred pump projects over the twenty plus years together. I first met Ron in La Hunta Colorado at Meril Bubblits place. Ron at one time purchase pumps from Meril. who restored pumps years ago and is now gone also. Ron's son Shon is now finishing up many of the pumps that Ron never had time to finish before his accident. Shon stopped by my shop in January and we had a lot of good memories and stories of Ron. Husky Oil built the Heritage Park Museum in Calgary and Ron donated over three hundred restored pump, signs and several old oil field trucks to the museum. Ron also did business with John Linton of Arizona in the drill bit business for drilling oil and water wells. Ron, John and I went to lunch in Gilbert A.Z one afternoon and I wish that I had taken a voice recorder with me to capture some of their great stories from past experiences. Ron was also CEO of the Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep Foundation in the Western U.S.A. Ron also purchased unrestored pumps from Tom Schillings then transported them back to Calgary for restoration and yes Tom also has a great collection of pump, sighs and globes. If I ever had any questions concerning very early gas pumps I could always contact Ron and he had the information I needed and if I needed any parts he always seemed to have extra parts available.