Talk about a statement piece! Clock measures roughly 43 inches across, and 34 inches top to bottom. The light sockets are brand new, as well as the wiring. A grounded 9 foot powercord was installed. The clock movement was taken to a clock shop for cleaning and lube, with a new clock motor installed. Reinstalled in the clock, it kept perfect time running for a week. Made by Superior Outdoor Display, Inc, Long Beach California. There wasnt a date of manufacture anywhere on the clock, but I am thinking 1955-1965 based on the styling. Originally, this model would have been made with a blank space, then the business owner would have spray painted his store name/logo. I took this clock to a sign company and they applied the Harley logo in vinyl. Probably weighs about 20 pounds? In no way, shape or form would it survive shipping, so its pick up only here in Schroon Lake, upstate NY. $575

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