While I do periodically sell items I haven't sold on oldgas in a long time primarily because most of my items aren't very noteworthy. Having said that, for sale is a station box of NOS Esso key blanks and key FOBs. Price is $500.00 plus actual shipping. Packaged up it's a pretty heavy box, 9 lbs .USPS rough calculations - about $55 to California, $30 to Pennsylvania etc. Great item for the Esso collector or plenty of money to be made parting them out, though I'd almost hate to see that done. You never see the initials.

Contents are as follows:

Key chains. 25
Key Blanks
A. 57
C. 12
D. 25
G. 8
H. 1
Total key blanks. 103

A. 14. B. 9. C. 13
D. 10. E. 12. F. 12
G. 13. H. 12. I. 3
J. 9. K. 3. L. 13
M. 9. N. 11. 0. 1
P. 4. Q. 2. R. 13
S. 12. T. 5. U. 3
V. 3. W. 3. X. 3
Y. 3. Z. 2

Total initials. 198

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I've hopefully attached a couple of pictures. If the didnt attach I'll keep trying, else PM me. PM me any questions or for more pictures. Thanks. John