City: Wellington

State: Ohio
Price: $75
This is a model 300 P&G valve gapper set with a #356 universal kit.
According to the label on the lid it has the necessary adapters to work on Ford overhead engines 54-64, and many other cars Including Chrysler , Gm Studebaker and more

The body is marked " demonstration unit" , I'm guessing a salesman's demo?
Parts included as shown
inner barrel number 2 ,3 and 8
Spring , " White" " Red"
H , IH , J , S and X
Has a plastic shield , for oil deflection?
It is missing the dust shield on the indicator, but it fucntions.
I have not used this, seems functional , you decide.
Sold as is
Operating instructions are on goggle.

$75 plus shipping, probably $16 flat rate. Send zip
USPMO , or PayPal , buyer pays fees
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