Nice repro Erie base that we primed/sanded and painted with automotive clear and black paint. Looks nice! Ready to go. $300
Buyer pays actual shipping cost, not included.

Description of repro bases:
"Reproduction top for Erie Gas Pumps Models 70 through 91.
This is the part that encloses the globe holder or holds the glass top and has the chrome strips on it.
The part is 3D printed in PETG.
We have tried the item on 3 different frames. the space between the flanges that this item bolts to vary quite a bit so it is possible that you will either need to shim or grind the backs of the flanges slightly for best fit. "
Please see our ebay listing if you want a part that is just in primer, not painted.;_odkw=erie+base+gas+pump&_osacat=0

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