Here are some Pics of Wayne 60 before restoration, (Notice Wayne ad. glass) My wife, Kathy, and I and our '30 Dodge Bros. with Bennett 810 and Tokheim 850 which was used on our family farm. Dad bought it from Co-op used in 1948 and it pumped over 250,000 gallons before being replaced in the mid 80s.

Some Pics of completed Benett 810, although I have added a larger white hose, future GB 96C with plans to be a Harley pump, and 575 Bowser with doors I got from Ken Bruce with the help of Linda Adams, in Texas, and SHOPTALK web site.

Thanks for the Great web site and to all who have sent me help or pics via the Shoptalk.
Rod and Kathy vanPelt
Kimball, Nebraska

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Looking to buy or trade old gas station memorabilia such as pumps, globes, cans, signs, free give-aways, S&P shakers etc. from the 20s-60s.