My G&B T-176 Pump

I obtained this partially-restored T-176 a couple of years ago, and then completed the restoration myself. The pump came to me with only the basics, along with an original all-glass cylinder (complete with a couple of BB-dings at no extra cost). The top lid was not the proper lid, and had some kind of slots cut into it that didn't belong there, so that quickly went into the recycling bin.

I finished the painting of the upper tank metalwork, including adding a new (proper) lid, and replaced all the missing lighting equipment and the glass-and-seal that close-off the top of the tank below the lighting assembly, replacing all the wiring, of course. I also removed and restored the "to tank or to car" plate, adding the lettering that was already long-gone. I finished-off the project by adding a nice cloth hose and a vintage nozzle, and also located and installed a vintage porcelain "Ethyl" sign, as well as a vintage curved-porcelain "Shell" pump sign, for the final touches of authenticity.

As I only have a 9-foot tall ceiling in my garage, there is no room up top for a lighted globe, but one could be easily added if my circumstances changed.