Union 76 Was Originally Shell

I purchased this National pump back in the late 1990s. I always wondered why it was yellow under the severely faded white and blue paint. In the last couple of years I started looking for photos of Union 76 stations with National “62” pumps that look like mine…with the yellow paint. Recently I found a photo of a National 62 pump that was a Shell branded pump and I saw the sticker that I was never able to read. My pump (ID tag says produced in 1950) was originally a Shell gas pump from (probably) around 1950. Probably about 1965-66, the gas station was rebranded to Union 76 and the owner put one coat of white and blue slopped over the Shell yellow. I deduced 1965-1966 due to the font style of the 76 that was used during those years. I have to assume the gas station probably painted the pumps with a single coat and shortly afterwards, replaced the pumps with something newer…sending this one out to pasture. There are a bunch of coats of Shell yellow when I look closer. It appears to be about 8 coats. I’ve always toyed with restoration it someday, but now I definitely keep it as is. I actually started collecting Union 76 (Union Oil) because of this pump. I will probably stick to Union 76 and not collect much Shell. This pump still has all it's heavy electric pump and everything inside. It's a lot to lug around over the years, so I do toy with removing the pump. The bell still dings when you crank the handle. I need to get a hose for it.