Being new to the hobby and in search of an ECO 90 series Air Meter, I was SHOCKED to find out you can still purchase these things brand new! For $695.00 you can have a new ECO 97 wall mount and for $790.00 an ECO 98 Post mount. Now the face and chrome bezel are a little different, but it appears to me that if you purchase the new meter and a repro face, glass and bezel kit, you'll have a NEW meter at the same cost or slightly lower than the price of a fully restored unit. There are probably used versions of these out there as well that could be had cheaply!
Maybe some of you knew this, but as I learn more about this hobby each day, I'm shocked at what is out there.
Check this website has all the info on the new meters, including parts, costs, manuals, etc. It appears that you just find the local petroleum supply dealer and purchase this thru them...

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