I just got done restoring my two gargoyle oil cabinets. Tom (nochevys) said he would post the pictures for me because I think it was easer to rebuild my 454 big block then post a pic here. LOL I would like to share with all of you the story of my cabinets. A couple of months ago I was on line looking up mobil signs & stuff when I came across a lady talking about a cabinet she had found in a dumpster on this web site. After reading the comments and seeing the pics I raelized it looked a lot like the 2 cabinets in my grandfathers celler. So I ran nextstore and shure enough they said property of vacuum oil company NY NY. My grandfather died in 84, he worked for mobil from 29 to 66, my mom now owns the house. Anyhow after finding the cabinets I saw that the two tops were missing and could not find them anywhere. I called my mom who also has a house in Tenn.and she said the floor under the cabinets started to crack and leak water, so she had someone poor a slab there & when she went to put them back the tops hit the rafters, so she took them off, this is where it gets weird. My mom said she scrapped the two tops about 2 years ago. She kwew the guy who came and took the tops and gave me his phone #. I called the guy thinking there was noway he would still have the tops after 2 years.