My grandfather was the plant electrician at Barnsdall Refinery, Barnsdall Oklahoma for 38 years, my father put himself through college working there in the summers, they lived one block from the Refinery. In the mid 1980's my father decided he wanted a Barnsdall globe......that turned into addiction, now over 1000 pieces of Barnsdall.

Along the way w/ my dad, I decided to collect small Oklahoma oil Co.'s to accompany the Barnsdall. There was one defining moment when I was 14 (1986), I bought my first sign one block away from our church in Nowata, OK (off a barn). A Conoco Minuteman (condition 8.5) for $20 sold it 18 months later for $550.....AFTER THAT IT WAS ON!!!!

Jim Patton (Jr.)

Collect small Oklahoma Oil Co.'s 1920's-1940's. Barnsdall, Cushing, Eason, Marland, etc.