Lots of great information and pictures are available on previously posted topics on Shop Talk in past years. The trick is finding what you want.

To search:
* Log in
* Click on "Search" on the menu bar above
* Click on the "Advanced" link
* On the Advanced Search Form, click on the forum you want to search from the list
* Type the words you want to search for in the "Keyword Search Terms" box (see tips below)
* Option: You may type in a Shop Talk member name in the "Display Name Search" box (spelling has to be perfect)
* Choose a Date Range. Recommended: Delete the 1 in the first "Newer than" box and select a blank space in the box that says "Week(s)" - Then enter a number and select "day, month or year" next to "Older Than"
* Click "Submit"

By selecting one or two forums and some limits on the dates searched, you get results more quickly and more relevant. Example: Searching only in Showcase and only older than 1 year.

Advanced Search Tips
Use +keyword for required keywords.
Use -keyword to exclude posts with a keyword.
Use quotes around a phrase to search for a phrase.
Use a * at the end of the word to match partial words.

+wayne +60
will find only topics with both those terms
wayne 60
will find all topics that mention wayne OR 60

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Jim "Oldgas" Potts
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