Newer members and visiting non-members may not know about the advertising deal we have with eBay. The major portion of the funding needed to keep this site running comes from commissions from winning bids placed on eBay where the bidder got to the auction through a link provided by

Here's how to help:
* Click on the links listed on the "Right Now on eBay" auctions shown at the top of the page of several forums here as well as on our Auctions page. Click on "Auctions" at the top of this page.
* Use the eBay search form shown at the bottom of most Shop Talk forum pages.

Here's the fine print:
* only gets a referral commission when the bidder who wins the auction, came to the auction from one of the links mentioned in the above paragraph.
* Direct links to eBay in forum messages now count as a referral. now gets commission from those links.

We sincerely thank buyers who browse eBay by searching with the eBay search form we provide and clicking on the "Right Now on eBay" links we provide. It may take an extra step, but it makes all the difference helping to "keep the lights on here."
We really appreciate it when sellers put a link to their auction or their auction numbers in forum topics about their auction items. Bidders can just click on the link or copy the number and paste it into the eBay search search form at the bottom of Shop Talk pages.

If you paste a complete link to your eBay action in a forum message and it isn't clickable to go to the auction, the link may be too complicated. Click on the "Edit" button in your message right away. If your link has a question mark (?) in it, delete the question mark and everything to the right of it. That should make it work. If not, send me a message by clicking "Contact" at the top of the page and I'll fix it.

Sellers can highlight the Web address link of their auction and copy it. Then put your cursor in your forum topic message submission box and right click. Choose "Paste" from the drop-down menu. The link will appear there. gets an advertising referral for it. This helps keep the site running.


Here is an example of an eBay link that you can copy from your eBay item and paste into your forum post:

Jim "Oldgas" Potts
Your host and moderator