Hello everyone,

Here is a sketch that I made up of the Texaco post using information that other forum members have supplied as well as info from the Texaco drawing that appears earlier in this post. Some dimensions are not exactly the same as what was posted, due to rounding of numbers, discrepancies that show up when drawn with a computer drafting program, and information that I scaled from the original Texaco drawing, such as the bottom 3/4" plate. I believe that the sketch is a reasonable representation of the Texaco post. I do know that it is not 100% accurate, as it was never meant to be. I have also shown the concrete pedestal, at least the top 6" of it, as most of it was in the ground, and also the cover for the mounting studs. I believe the cover was actually two pieces, but I have shown it as one piece.

Click on the thumbnail to see a larger version.


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