From Richmond Virginia :

Egglestons Garage shot 1989 . This was a Texaco dealer origionally. It was built sometime in 1934.

Built as The Harvey System in 1930, this outstanding piece of Greek revival is stil at Moore and West Broad street

I shot this with a 1944 Agfa 120 X 120 on Kodak Verichrome back in 1985 IOt was at one time a Socony/ Mobil at Allison and the 2300 blk of Cary street . It was razed in 1999.

Origionally, a Ford tractor dealer , gasoline was sold under the 1st floor areas. They were a Richfield dealer until becomming Capital garage in the late seventies . They then sold Phillips/ Little oil products . In 2000, Capital Garage became capital Garage apartments .

Ed Shaver

see ya on the road folks !