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What's that bladder thing with the hose the guy holding?

Desert or cooled water bag, hung on bumper or outside rear view mirror [didn't have to stop to retrieve]. It's a rubber bag covered w/ canvas & some just used a cork stopper. Canvas was soaked w/ water & as air passed over bag, evaporation would cool the water.
When Dad would drive the tractor out in the field, he'd fill a gallon jug w/ water & wrap w/ gunny sack around jug then dip in stock tank to soak the gunny & set it in shade of fence row.

I grew up with the term"Gunny Sack".You don't hear it used much anymore.The newer generation don't know what you are talking about.I remeber the desert water bags and of course the auto air conditioner which attached to the window of the car.My dad idenitified such as "California People".We still call em THE GOOD OLE DAYS


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