Hi Noah,
There really isn't such a thing as a "Gargoyle" station, at least in my opinion. The Gargoyle logo was mostly prevalent in the teens and 1920's, before the Socony-Vacuum merger and well before the companies had adopted a branded station so to speak. While SOCONY had branded stations a few years before the merger, Vacuum Oil Company really didn't. Vacuum was mostly about lubricant production, not gasoline. Socony-Vacuum had very strict standards after the merger about every detail of a station, from the building style, to the placement of the Pegasus signs, even what color the bathroom would be.
Gargoyle Mobiloil signs were all over the place in the teens and 20's. Early on, Mobiloil was sold at many outlets, including other branded gas stations. After the S-V merger the Pegasus symbol was adopted and the Gargoyle began it's fade out. That's why you never see a "Gargoyle branded" station.

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