I ran across this site while trying to do some research on this Anco Wiper Cabinet I have for sale. If anyone is interested or has any comments / suggestions on selling this item please feel free to contact me, pjhalz@gmail.com.

For this listing we have a vintage Anco (Anderson Company) Wiper Blade Display Cabinet. This item is in very good condition with minimal surface rust. None of the rust affects the structural integrity of the item. The cabinet is about 43 inches tall, 26 inches wide and 25 inches deep. It does have wheels in the back along with a handle to move the cabinet around. The top door swings up with shelving, and the bottom door swings down also with shelving. Both hinges are good and not loose or bent. The bottom door has 2 spring loaded catches, the one on the left sticks a bit but still opens and closes like its supposed to. This would be a great rare addition for any gas and oil collector. Would be great to display along with vintage gas pumps or to put in a man cave. This item is much better than the typical sign as it can be a functional piece of furniture in your man cave or game room. This item was wiped down with a damp cloth but you may want to give it a thorough cleaning before using it. Please take a close look at all the pictures. This item has great text and character.

(Appearantly their is a limit of 10 pictures? http://img706.imageshack.us/img706/6443/0011td.jpg their is an 11th)

Due to the size of this item I cannot / will not ship it. The item must be picked up in Northern Illinois (South of Rockford).

Price: $250

Again if anyone is interested you can email me at pjhalz@gmail.com. Thanks.