I had to jump in here because the FRY 10 gallons are hands down my favorite pumps. Technically speaking if we are referring to FRY 10 Gallon pumps should it be the 117 model opposed to 17? I thought that the 17 was the 5 gallon. However it also appears that when you take away the cylinder the 17 and 117 are essentially the same pump (correct or not?). By the way, I have a FRY 117 with the regular 10 gallon cylinder but a lady here in town has one identical except that it has a tall 10 cylinder on it. I assume it is one of the Wayne cylinders referred to earlier. Great discussion guys. Thanks!

Here is a picture of my friends FRY 10 gallon pump. Does this look like the Wayne tall 10 cylinder that yall were referring to?

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