The Kew-Ideal pumps appear to have used etched Cylinders.

Did you ever notice the resemblance between the Kew-Ideal pump and the Springfield Pump. They both used etched cylinders, have the same type of access door, same bottom cylinder plate, the same unique body shape and were manufactured only 100 miles from each other and within one year of each other.

The bottom picture is a Springfield pump sporting the same Bonnet as the real photo of the Kew-Ideal(not the same as shown in the sales literature). I have also included a photo of my Springfield Cylinder which is different in design compared to the Kew-Ideal sales literature, however the sales literature doesn't always accurately reflect the final product.

Jack do you know if there was a connection?

Kew Ideal Collage.jpgKew Ideal COLLAGE 2.jpgSpringfield.jpgSpringfield Pump.jpg
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