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Nice set of pictures. Gives one pause when we complain about life today and you see what the 30's meant to a whole generation of Americans. Picking up your family with 7 children and heading west with only a vision and hope, in a car that would break down at any moment, on "roads" that may lead to nowhere. Yes good to get one back to reality.

Thanks, it definitely does make you appreciate what we have today. I have owned the same 1930 Model A Ford for 41 years and drove it round trip from Dallas, Texas to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin to attend a national Model A Ford Convention in 1986 (approx 2,600 miles round trip), I felt some of the same apprehension the pioneers must have had wondering whether I would make it to my destination and back. Of course back when the migrants were escaping the dust bowl they didn't have cell phones, paved roads, service stations and restaurants or doctors and hospitals every few miles as we have today. Come to think of it, I didn't have a cell phone in 1986 but I took a national Model A Ford Club of America roster with me in case I broke down and needed help along the way from a nearby club member. I had my four and six year old sons with me and we had a real blast - they are now in their early 30's and still comment on the trip. I often think of the Okies heading out west in their dilapidated jalopies being held together by baling wire and a prayer with about $3 worth of gas in their tank and less cash in their pocket as pioneers much like those who rode the wagon trains on the Oregon Trail. They often buried their children on the trail and had to not only fight the elements and terrain but the hostile Indians. We all need to count our blessings!
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If you are not driving your antique car frequently you might as well be collecting clocks!

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