My folks left Illinois in 1936 in a 1928 Dodge pulling a homemade trailer hesding for Spokane WA to pick fruit. Mom and Dad and six kids, I wasn't born yet. Somewhere in Nebraska they couldn't make it up one hill so Dad threw out her washing machine and some other stuff. She wouldn't let him throw out her sewing machine. They didn't make it to Washington, all the farther they got was to Cheyenne, Wy. They went broke here where Dad found a job and settled here. His story was always that he never did make enough money to get back out of Cheyenne. I was born the next year here in Cheyenne. I sent some of these type of pictures to my sister in Calif. and told her to email them to her grandkids. She said they did not want to believe her when she told them that she didn't have a inside toilet has a kid until she went off to college in 1954. As you can see all the Okies were not from Oklahoma. Mitch