Bryce, a quick email to me would have been nice. In the time you took to copy MY pictures and post on here you could have contacted me with your knowledge and I would have modified my listing then. A nice member here notified me of this thread and told me how things kinda work on here. I didn't know they were fakes. I went ahead and ended the auction to avoid any trouble with these. Maybe some of the other ebay sellers you guys flag would like a heads up and really don't know. I know there are many scammers on ebay but we are not one of them. Yes, my auction buys are "already on ebay". That is how I make my living. I'm sure some of the items from that auction are already in antique booths. Don't mean to be a douche and rant on but I for one appreciate a heads up if I have something that is suspect. And please take my photos off here.