I've only been in the hobby for a little over two years.
In that short time, I've already seen enough fake signs being sold as originals, that I will not buy "any signs" from Ebay, unless I'm 100% sure they are originals.

With my limited knowledge, even being "100% sure", leaves me with doubts...in case I missed something.

The Ebay market for honest sellers, has already been hurt, and will only get worse, unless Ebay implements some type of new policies, that can re-assure potential buyers.

Even as it stands with Ebay, they allow all kinds of creative writing in the ads, that newbies can be easily taken for a ride.
Signs should be either marked Reproduction or Original.
Not "used", not "vintage style" not "old Style" not " may be reproduction"...ect..

So, unless Ebay does something, I know my sign buying will be very, very limited on that venue.

Thanks to all here on OldGas, for keeping an eye on the scammers.

Imperial Oil collector..