Dick, were you at the auction?? It was clearly stated at the auction that MOST on the hay wagon were reproduction. Wesley did a good job. "Dad said MOST of these on this trailer are reproduction, he doesn't want them listed on ebay as old" MOST is the key word. And if anybody on here that was there tells me that ALL were reproduction they would be WRONG. There was a flat with a Lee tires thermometer that had a old rusted through price sign, a double sided sign about 2 gallons of oil for $1.49 just to name a couple. I do not appreciate what I feel as my integrity being called into question. I want my pictures removed! They are watermarked with my user name and I do not want a fake to be associated with my name. I have taken them off, I had changed them to not reflect "vintage" then went on ahead and removed them myself after considering it. My reputation on ebay means alot to me. I believe that this thread has already affected my bids on the remaining items... The auction had many fantastic items, the auctioneer did a great job. I made a mistake and corrected it. Now where do we go from here???