Wow Jim, that sounds like a lot of work. Far more then I would be willing to do for a garage.
My cousin has the same basic garage but he put in blown insulation. Which to me looked like hell!! I could never stand to look at that. But he said it allowed him to keep it a constant 60 deg during the winter months and his bill only went up like $20 a month. And when he went out there, he just turned the heat up a bit. That is all I'm looking for.
I wonder at what temp difference does condensation begin? I mean if you keep it at 50 or 45, and then turn it up to 70, will condensation form? Hmm...

My plan is to install all the venting and insulate it as best possible and put a 1/4 or 3/8 ceiling in and paint it all white.
I'm hoping I can seal the space everywhere well enough that should any mice show up, they can't get into the cavity.

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Steve Coppens
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