I have traveled all over this country for this business that I'm in, but have never been to Iowa Gas. I think this will be the year. I will not be vending, only buying. What I would like to do is to purchase 20-25 "gutted" Wayne, Martin Schwartz Model 80's. I prefer ad glass top, low top, short cylops, high curb cyclops pumps. Script top units do not get me excited and I only do those as a last resort. All pumps need to be complete and in good overall condition. I will pre purchase or buy at the show, whichever works best for all concerned. I will be in town on Tuesday, July,29th and plan on leaving on the 30th if loaded? Paying cash and am quite serious about this request. Paul www.severngaspumps.com cell 410-245-3210 shop 410-969-2899