When the Earl Cheese sale came up, I had planned to go, but at the last minute I was unable to make the trip and was forced to either find a friend to bid on some items for me, or pay the dreaded buyers fee for internet bidders! I gave my friend Bryce Gillespie a call and he agreed to help me out. He even called me when my desired items came up for bid, so I could tell him yes or no over the phone! I had to pass on several lots, as I felt they were higher priced than I was willing to pay, but I did manage to buy a couple of items.
Bryce was generous enough to pay for my signs and phone me with the total so that I could overnite the cash to him. He also took my signs home with him and mailed them to me, and they were packed well enough to stand an atomic blast!
Its really nice to have friends and connections in this great hobby, because we all can't be everywhere all the time. Bryce, I want to publically thank you for the help! I truly appreciate it and hope I can do the same for you one day!
Heres what I was able to buy with Bryce's help!

Texaco Marine White.jpg Mobil pump plates.jpg

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