I have noted a trend where rusty pumps are being referred to as survivor pumps.

I fail to see how, these rusty decrepit pumps can be considered "excellent survivors". They have far more loss of paint, surface rust and overall wear then what I would consider a survivor, let alone an excellent survivor. In my opinion survivor is an over used term and the standard used to judge survivor pumps is constantly being degraded to fit peoples budget rather then accurately reflect a pumps condition. Every ones desire to believe they have a survivor pump is creating a misconception of what actually is a survivor.

A survivor is a pump that has survived in as close to near perfect condition as can be expected for a used pump due to minimal use and maintenance/storage that was superior than what the average pump received.

Rustoration or restoration is simply a matter of economics's. A pump that has to be repainted, decals have to be doctored up is not a survivor. It just has a lower or substandard restoration. People not wanting to spend $1000-$2000 to restore a pump elect to spend a couple hundred dollars. Let's not cheapen the term survivor.

What are your thoughts?

Dave GILL,
Dave's Garage & Memorabilia, Inc.