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Here's mine from the last couple weeks : SUPER RARE Texaco Sky Chief w petrox 10"x15" ( thanks to a fellow oldgasser) , Texaco restroom plaque, N.O.S. Texaco 6" tanker letters and a Texas Company cast iron private road sign

...you need to turn that O 90 degrees one way or the other wink

Dan picked that up from our moderator Alex. It does need to be turned 90*.

Nice score of the 10" X 15" Sky Chief, hard to believe you have two of them. Maybe a pump would be home to them.

I need to go check my garage....becuase he didn't get it from me....unless he came through town whole I was gone...LOL..and ditto on turning that 'O'so it is more horizonal than vertical....

Looking for Texaco and Power Gasoline items