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I don't think that it's bent. These were on gimbels in order to flex somewhat. Yours appears to just be pushed aside. It should straighten out? There was a short drive pin connecting the two parts. Looks like the lower coupler was pryed open to remove the drive pin? If you gut the pump, as is the norm, you only leave in the computer anyway. Everything is removed from the deleted pin down? Paul www.severngaspumps.com

Got the computer out and that shaft is bent not only where it sticks out but in center. The gears wobble and won't stay engaged with the ones on the price change. I plan to take the gears out and attempt to straighten the shaft. Looks like a tiny pin has to be driven out to remove gears before I can remove all that. If that pin is stuck like everything else was I probably won't be able to drive the tiny pin out. If I have to cut the shaft, where might I find another one? I have looked on internet and haven't found computer like this one, similar but not same. When I reset it, one side doesn't zero out. I have read how to correct this but the instructions aren't for one just like mine. I assume mine is a 12" since the rectangle part is 12" on long side. The round part is 9 1/2" diameter. The serial # is 628679. any help find instructions for the computer will be appreciated.

Photos of a thingy on pump frame I can't figure out. When computer mounts the part opposite from reset handle engages into it. This thing also has linkage that goes down to switch on motor but why does the computer engage it?