A lady was referred to me by a friend and she wanted to buy a pump to surprise her husband that they could place by their garage. She knew she couldn't afford a restored pump but wanted something that had age and showed ware. I showed her some of the rust-o's I've done and she really liked them. So she picked one I had out back and then told me she wanted Sinclair. OK, warned her that I leave a lot of the small dings in and in this case brush strokes which on this kind of pump clean-up I dig. She was fine with that too. She also wanted it complete not gutted, I warned her to bring LOTS of help to load this guy when they come to pick it up.

Kind of a cool side bar, they live in Indiana and when I started the break down for clean up and paint touch up inside I found this inspection medallion from Indiana. So it's going home. Almost everything was cleaned and reused.

The first pic is where we started. Nothing special but thought it was pretty cool what she did for her husband.

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