Danny; first you are going to have to decide if you want the pump to "represent" Canadian Oil Company's of the time. (The 966's were produced from 1954-'56, if I read Jack's 2nd Edition correctly? but in many Stations, maybe most, the Pumps were in service for much longer than they were produced)

Or American Oil Company's during that period of time?

You might want to put your name on Jack's list for the 3rd Edition. As finding a 1st Edition and/or 2nd Edition in reasonable shape will be hard to do and spendy... Also, you might want to locate either a 1st Edition or 2nd Edition of Scott and Wayne's; "PCM Guide to Gas Pump Restoration"? The Guide has Company information along with color graphics of most of the Major and Independent American Oil Company's. The information on the Company's include images of the correct Pump colors and graphics. Where the placement of the Pump plate or Pump decal was. Correct Globe... etc...

Hopefully, this will give you a little more direction?

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