I received a PM last night asking me why I was trying to "run down" the Susan Moore show on this forum? I don't feel that anything I stated was "my trying to run the show down". If it was perceived that way, then I sincerely apologize to anyone who might have been offended but especially to James and Ivan.
I stated that I had told James two weeks ago at Dixie Gas that I felt that their show is just too soon after Dixie, "IN MY OPINION!" I stated that I believe the show would benefit from a change in date of the show, again, "MY OPINION!". I also stated that I hoped there's a good turnout.
I was also asked in the PM if the Indy Ad show is more than two weeks after Dixie Gas? Then I was told that it has nothing to do with the two week period between shows. Well, again, "MY OPINION", but I believe it has everything to do with the two week period between shows. I don't believe vendors have enough time to find new merchandise after two weeks time. I believe the buying public feels that with the exception of a few new vendors that they will have already seen the merchandise of the vendors two weeks ago. Also, its expensive to go to back to back shows so one will ask themselves, "will it be worth it for me to go to this show?". There are some people, both vendors and the public that live further south that may come to Susan Moore but not Dixie, but overall, since most people have to pick and choose, most people are going to choose a larger, well established show. It also gets back to the fact that not everyone can take off and go to the numerous shows that are out there.
The Indy Ad show has also always drawn a different crowd of people that generally didn't effect the Alabama show. While the Indy Ad show has not always hit on the same weekend as the Dry Creek/Susan Moore show in the past, never before has there been an ad show, a gas and oil show, a general antique show and an auction, all in one venue.
So, IF,"it has nothing to do with the two week period between shows", then what is it??
Again, if I offended anyone, I apologize! As I said earlier, this was just my opinion and I guess I should have kept it to myself! I'm always amazed at how many hits posts on Old Gas get but people hardly post anything anymore. Not hard to understand why. Again, "IN MY OPINION!".

Looking for early Pure Oil Company items(Energee,Detonox,Puritan)as well as any Woco Pep items.

Looking for graphic quart cans for my collection.