Thought I would share this with you oldgasers.

Just finished this guy. The most amazing thing to me was I started this pump in 2005 but sold the building and it was in storage up until two months ago. Spent three days searching for the parts and found almost all the pieces placed here and there in the shop but did have to go to Tom for help on one piece.

It started out in life red and white, probably Standard but I had the water transfer Texaco decals so I said what the heck I'll do Texaco. The interesting thing was one side had most of the paint off as if the weather side was getting hit with sand and the back side had most of the paint still on it. For now I'm leaving the front face bezel as found but may add some color to it down the road.

And yes I am on the hunt for another lens that I thought I had two of.

front.jpgright side.jpg76 back.jpg
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