Hello All,
This is my first post and hopefully, I am doing it correctly. I just purchased what I thought a first was a 3 wheeled lubester. I have Jack's book on my I-Phone and did some looking and researching. The pumping apparatus looks just like the one in his book. The now uncovered brass plate reads Erie with Merit underneath, oil & grease equipment. Model 2431-5 Serial Number UM80813. The pump and cart looks just like his picture except it has rubber wheels and the two are in front with the caster wheel in the back.The push bar appears to be factory welded in place and not bolted on. Its covered in muck so I am thinking the container itself sets into the frame of where the wheel base is attached and the previous owner(s) switched it up.I have not had time to clean it up other than to put some love on the plate. Am I correct or way off? If anything it will look nice in my garage and a good conversation piece.