The Pump of the Month for November is a Wayne 40. These pumps are super cool in my opinion. With the 8" Veeder-Root they were Wayne's first computer pump. I personally do not own one of these pumps yet so Gas Pump Rob was gracious enough to give me a picture of one of his. Here is the list as follows:

-Wayne 40: 1932-1934. Fancy face bezel, first pump to use the Veedor Root
-Wayne 45: 1932-1935. Twin Wayne 40 pump.
-Wayne 40-A: 1935-1938. Plain Cabinet version, it had a cabinet display in the lower panel. It also could be ordered with a lighted display cabinet.
-Wayne 40-A: 1935-1938. Sight gauge was used instead of a visi gauge and moved to above the computer.

The above information is credited to Jack Sim and his book. Okay everyone please share what you have for a Wayne 40. What a great pump!!


Braden Splichal