Need a little help here . I am new to one piece milk glass globes . Picked this up yesterday . One piece heavy milk glass globe with 2 holes at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock . The collar is 6" across .The face is 13 1/2 " to the outer groove . The inner groove closest to the center is 12 1/2 " . There are two steps in the face of the globe . The width at the top from the side is 4 3/4 " . From my research is seems that this globe had Sinclair Or one other brand inserts ? Second one I don't know brand . The old lady had this in the bottom of a barn stored & believed to be 1940s ? There are two holes on each side that something appeared to go into maybe to hold the lens in ? What goes in those holes . Only have collected a few capco's so far so very inexpierienced on one piece globesamd would klike to find and put the correct lens in this . Thanks for any help on this . Still getting the hardened tar off the backside that was put on pretty heavy for some reason.


Wanted TEXACO related items & SUNOCO related items .Signs -Globes et'c. Oil Cans - Grease cans .