The new forum upgrade has changed how mobile devices view the forum. For those who miss the 3 column layout of the portal page with the "Who's Online" and "Petro Recent Posts" columns, we have a fix.

Scroll down to near the bottom of the Portal page on your mobile device. Look for the link that says, "Show / Hide Columns on this page" and click that link to activate the 3 columns OR to show just the middle main column. Remember you can turn your phone or tablet sideways to see a different view. See picture below.

Bigger screen computers may not see that Show/Hide link.

Also, you can now choose a color theme for your view of the forum. Click on the pull-down menu shown in the picture below. Choose one of the available layout themes that you prefer, including the old classic one we are used to seeing "ubb threads stock"
I'll bring in more choices later.


Jim "Oldgas" Potts
Your host and moderator