I have 3 restored visible pumps for sale , I hate to let them go but I need the spots . The first is a Wayne 615 done in Poly gas it has a reproduction globe original glass cylinder with a crack and be be shots in the back , its hard to see from the front . Its complete with all original parts brass nuts and bolts and working pump $2,800.00 . The second is a Wayne 515 done in Texaco , original glass cylinder with one be be hole in the back that you have to look hard to see ,original Texaco gill body globe in excellent condition , original Texaco price box with the original price cards in it . It is missing the drain back valve handle and has reproduction base access doors, all brass nuts and bolts and cylinder rods , otherwise all original parts with working pump. $3,500.00 without the globe $3000.00 . The third is a Fry 117 I want to keep the globe on this one it has a plastic cylinder and some other reproduction parts which are the fry porcelain sign the light shades and the access door , and is missing most the fingers that you only see if you open the front door to set the gallon amount . Working pump All Brass nuts and bolts cylinder rods . $3000.00 without the globe I don't see any dings or scratches on any of these pumps. The 2 Wayne pumps I pulled them off farms 20 years ago and had them restored inside and out by a friend of mine up in Idaho . They are older restorations but done well . I welcome and encourage anyone interested to come and see them in person . Local pickup only . Questions call Peter 801-518-8581