My grandfather was Clyde L. Herring who owned Herring Motor Company in Des Moines [and Atlantic] Iowa = I have more information about him but my main hope is to find out about some old auto-cans of the Hermoline variety. I have a few and while our daughter wants me to save some for her. I am not sure of their value or even if there is an interest, so thought I would post if anyone has any information about my grandfather or the company, I'm all ears!!!

I attached 3 images thru the Attachment Manager below but the instructions were for Windows computers but I did the best I could with my Mac, and am not sure they show up. Sorry

Herring Gas Cans  4 - Version 2.jpg
Hermoline 'rocker' can

Herring Gas Cans  17 - Version 2.jpg
Hermoline Gun Grease can, with some of the grease left inside

Herring Gas Cans  9 - Version 2.jpg
square tall can for Hermoline

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