Missed that one, added....

Tide Water Associated Oil Co. - Federal Tires, Flying A Tires

Lion Oil Co. - Kelly Tires

Standard Oil Co. - Atlas Tires

Cities Service Oil Co. - Acme Tires

Signal Oil Co. - Lee Tires

Phillips Petroleum Co. - Lee Tires

Hickock Oil Corp. - Lee Tires

The Atlantic Refining Co. - Lee Tires

Gulf Refining Co. - Branded their own Gulf Tires (Gulf Deluxe Crown, etc.)

Socony Vacuum Oil Co. - Branded their own Mobil Tires (Mobil Premier, etc.)

Sears, Roebuck and Co. - Allstate Tires

Sinclair Oil Corp. - Goodyear Tires

Gilmore Oil Co. - Norwalk Tires

Marathon Oil Corp. - Cooper Tires

Skelly Oil Co. - Hood Tires

Pure Oil Co. - Yale Tires

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Looking for Michelin items + NJ oil company related items (Mohawk, Guardian, Whiz, etc) + animal-related petroliana + Gargoyle/Shell/Sinclair items