Loyd - hope none were feeding on you! We get deer ticks bad here. If they have been feeding, I usually get a prophylactic antibiotic dose from the doctor that we take within 48 hours of finding the tick feeding. Bob and I have only had to use it 3 times in the last 15 years. It's not a guarantee, but reduces the chance of infection. Not something the doctors will write up on a regular basis. I get it as I am allergic to at least 3 categories of antibiotics, so would have trouble with the mega-doses that are needed once someone has enough infection in them to register on a blood test.

Course the other ticks carry other stuff--had a friend get one of the other tick diseases. Nasty!

Since I picked off 13 of them feeding on me about 10 years ago (I was clearing brush and knew better!), I always go out with tick spray on my 'tick' shoes and socks this time of year. Spray the bottom of my jeans if I'm out in the woods.

Wow - meant to say today was a beautiful sunny warm day and I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!