Re: eye surgery--I would worry I would blink or something and screw it all up... : K I can't even keep my eye open for that puff of air test. Do they give you a sedative or something?

Two things about all the rain and crops - lower sugar content because of less sun, and higher disease pressure. They are going to spray the heck out of vulnerable crops, and even then it might not help crops (or they can't because of the days to harvest requirements on sprays) very vulnerable to diseases that hit as the crops ripen, like brown rot on peaches (that brown moldy stuff you can get on peaches even at home) and black rot of grapes.

And then lots of plant crops will be vulnerable to all the stem and root rot diseases caused by the water molds (pythium and phytopthora), named because their spores swim (phytopthora caused the Irish potato blight), and other fungi such as rhizoctonia and thielaviopsis to name a few. These diseases are worse for roots when parts of the roots die from lack of oxygen (drowning), and the disease starts there and works it's way into the good tissue.

Yeah--TMI to a question about how the rain is affecting farmers. I'll stop now. blush