Hello All...
Woke up this morning and decided to take the day off. With people in the "holiday" mode, business will be slow today so no sense being overstaffed at the office.

I bought a screw base globe body last week from a friend locally, so did some lens swapping. I decided to put my Hi-Speed Ex-Carbon set on the screw body....then put my running man Super-M lenses on that narrow body, switched my 13.5" Purol single lens to a narrow body that only holds one lens due to damage to a mount hole on one side, and last put a set of Mobilgas lenses for glass that I had in a Capco on the wide body the Purol was on. Whew, nothing broken during the mounting process!! The thing I worry most about is over-tightening a screw and a week or a year later finding a broken or cracked lens. I always leave them sufficiently loose so there's a little play with the lens, but still worry about it for a while until they are settled in.

The severe heat watch is now a warning until end of day Sunday. We're expecting actual highs in the mid to upper 90's with a heat index from 100 to 110 degrees. I don't plan on being outside all that much, so I'm sure I will fare just fine.
Have a good day all,

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Darin Sheffer
Always looking for Mobil and Marathon items I don't already have!