Humm, next move is to let her know you will be reporting this as a hit an run if she does not get back to you. Usually one looks if something goes bump and I imagine it would be hard to miss a truck, whereas a cart might be below the sight line.

So just saw this--and it looks like our friends to our north had a scorcher for Canada day! And a record breaking low of 80 in Maine!

I imagine there is a death toll in Europe because of this--many homes don't usually have AC. I read from one of Bob's UK plant friends that they have not had measurable rain since May 12.

We are north of 90, with a heat index of 109. Poor air quality day too, so I'm staying in to work.

Les, I would have thought metal in winter and glass during the warm months. At least that's what works for gardening décor, because of glass busting if water gets in somewhere.

who didn't know that the spell check feature on oldgas does accents. À bientôt!